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Broad Discipline of Business (JS3131)

This Broad Discipline (BD) programme provides students with an opportunity to explore seven different business disciplines in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Scheme before declaring their Major. The BBA Scheme equips students with the professional knowledge and personal skills they need to make an effective contribution to the economy and society of Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

Instead of applying to each individual Business programme separately, students can apply for admission to this Broad Discipline programme which will allow them the flexibility to take a range of subjects in business before making a decision. Students will be articulated to the corresponding curriculum of their chosen BBA award in the first semester or second semester of Year 2.


Choices of BBA Majors include:

  • BBA (Honours) in Accountancy
  • BBA (Honours) in Accounting and Finance
  • BBA (Honours) in Financial Services
  • BBA (Honours) in Global Supply Chain Management
  • BBA (Honours) in International Shipping and Transport Logistics
  • BBA (Honours) in Management
  • BBA (Honours) in Marketing

Academic Advising at the Faculty of Business aims to help students enrolled in Broad Discipline of Business to make informed and intelligent academic decisions/choices about their study that suit their intellectual, professional and personal goals.

The objectives of academic advising include:

  • Building rapport with the students, serving as a bridge that connects students to the Faculty and the constituent departments,
  • Being accessible and available to students, and responding to their questions and concerns,
  • Helping student to consider and clarify their intellectual, professional and personal goals,
  • Helping students to develop an appropriate study plan (particularly with regard to their potential Major(s)), and assists in their selection of appropriate courses to achieve their identified goals,
  • Clarifying to students academic regulations and requirements, particularly those relating to the intended Major(s),
  • Identifying students with special learning needs or early signs of learning problems, and referring/encouraging them to seek help or support.

Academic Advisors

An Academic Advisor from the following list will be initially assigned to you for the first / and second years. A “permanent” Academic Advisor will be assigned by the Department concerned once you declare your Major in the second year.

  Advisory Group  Email Tel
Dr Justin LAW Group 1 2766 4443
Dr Rita WONG Group 2 2766 4159
Ms Kingship LO Group 3 3400 3419
Dr TL YIP Group 4 2766 4631
Dr Winslet CHAN Group 5 3400 2122
Dr Elvy PANG Group 6 2766 7356

You will be informed of the assigned Academic Advisor for you at the Welcoming Day meeting as well as by email. You are expected to consult your Academic Advisor before subject registration if there is a need. The primary role of your Academic Advisor in the Faculty is to help you choose your Major study and make choices on subject selection before you declare your Major study.

Students are invited to contact the advisor by any means, i.e. face-to-face meeting individually or in small group, email, calls, etc, throughout the year as necessary.

Student’s Roles and Responsibilities

To enable you to maximize your gain from academic advising, please note your responsibilities in academic advising as follows:

    1. Take personal responsibility for your academic decisions, plans and outcomes.
    2. Become familiar with the academic advising policies, resources and infrastructure at PolyU.
    3. Understand your Major/Minor requirements and the General University Requirements and monitor your progress with reference to the graduation requirements.
    4. Develop a study plan which enables you to complete your undergraduate degree at PolyU.
    5. Attend academic advising sessions offered by the Department/Faculty and the Office of General University Requirements.
    6. Be prepared for academic advising. Understand your academic progress before meeting your Academic Advisor.
    7. If you have any questions regarding your academic study, you should raise them at the academic advising meetings.
    8. Have an open mind and be ready to seriously consider advice given by teachers, Academic Advisors and other staff.
    9. Read the e-mails and letters sent to you by your Academic Advisor in your Department/Faculty and OGUR Academic Counsellor.
    10. Visit faculty's academic advising website and the OGUR website at least once a semester for updates and new information.
    11. Seek help as early as possible. It is a sign of courage.
    12. Enjoy your academic advising experience at PolyU.

For details on Academic Advising, you may visit OGUR's website here.

The BD offers the maximum flexibility to map out students’ individual study paths that suit their interests, aspirations and learning needs.

From Year One Semester 1 to Year Two Semester 1, BD students will study some common business subjects together with other BBA Major students and a wide range of broad-based subjects within the University-wide core curriculum. This will facilitate BD students' decisions on the suitable awards within the BBA Scheme, by the end of Semester 1 in their second year of study.

Indicative Progression Pattern
Suggested Semester Code Subject Credit
Year 1 (Semester 1)   
1 AMA1501 Introduction to Statistics for Business 3
1 AF1605 Introduction to Economics (2) 3
1 APSS111 Introduction to Psychology (1) 3
1   LCR-English 1 3
1   LCR-Chinese 1 3
1 FB1003 Freshman Seminar 3
1 or 2   Healthy Lifestyle 0
Year 1 (Semester 2)   
2 AF2108 Financial Accounting (3) 3
2 LGT2106 Principles of Operations Management (2) (3) 3
2 MM1051 Tango! Managing Self & Leading Others (4) 3
2 MM2711 Introduction to Marketing (2) (3) 3
2   LCR-English 2 3
Year 2 (Semester 1)   
1 AF2110 Management Accounting 1 3
1 AF2504 Introduction to Business Law 3
1 AF2602 Global Economic Environment 3
1 MM2021 Management and Orgainsation (3) 3
1 MM2422 Managing Business Information Systems & Applications 3
Total minimum academic credits: 120 plus
Training credits in WIE (FB3002): 3


  1. Cluster Area in Human Nature, Relations and Development under GUR can be fulfilled by APSS111 Introduction to Psychology;
  2. Cluster Area in Community, Organization and Globalization under GUR can be fulfilled by AF1605 Introduction to Economics, LGT2106 Principles of Operations Management or MM2711 Introduction to Marketing;
  3. To facilitate BD students' decision in choosing the suitable BBA Major, students are given the opportunity to take the following core introductory subjects to the respective BBA Major at their own choice: AF2108 Financial Accounting, LGT2106 Principles of Operations Management, MM2021 Management and Organisation and MM2711 Introduction to Marketing. These 4 subjects are also compulsory core subjects in all BBA Majors; 
  4. 'Leadership and Intra-personal Development' under GUR can be fulfilled by MM1051 Tango! Managing Self & Leading Others.

BD students decide on a Major after receiving more information about how different Majors are related to their own interests and career aspirations. Other students are accepted into a specific Major from their first year of study.

For JUPAS applicants in 2017/18 admission
Applicants must meet the general entrance requirements of PolyU, i.e. Level 3 in English Language and Chinese Language; Level 2 in Mathematics and Liberal Studies; and Level 3 in two other Elective subjects [can include Extended Modules of Mathematics (M1/M2)].

Applied Learning (ApL) subjects will not be accepted as electives for meeting the entrance requirements.

Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview before the announcement of HKDSE results.

There is no quota restriction and BD students are free to choose any one of the seven awards of the BBA Scheme, latest by the end of semester one of their Year Two of study.

  • BBA (Hons) in Accountancy
  • BBA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance
  • BBA (Hons) in Financial Services
  • BBA (Hons) in Global Supply Chain Management
  • BBA (Hons) in International Shipping and Transport Logistics
  • BBA (Hons) in Management
  • BBA (Hons) in Marketing

BD students study a wide range of common subjects together with their peers from business Majors. They discuss their study plans with academic advisors, and relevant programme leaders if necessary.  They embark on a chosen BBA award no later than semester two of Year 2. (Please click Programme Structure for more information).

The average JUPAS (HKDSE) admission score for the best 5 subjects was 22.0 in 2017.

Except for Applied Learning (ApL) subjects, all other senior secondary subjects can be used for meeting the subject requirements for BD. English Language and Mathematics are given a weighting of 10 and most other subjects a weighting of 7 in the admission score calculation.  

BD students are invited to declare a BBA Major during the first academic year (in March and June). They are informed through email and make a declaration online. There will be a briefing session for students before they choose their Major study.

Your declaration is solemn and official. Once a decision is made, it is IRREVOCABLE.  If you really change your mind, you will have to change your Major via “Application for Transfer of study” where the relevant University rules and regulations shall prevail.  In this case, you must obtain an approval from the transfer-in department. 

BD students will graduate with one of the Seven Awards within the BBA Scheme that they have pursued. BD itself is NOT an award programme.

For enquiry, please contact the general office of the Faculty of Business at 2766 5084 or email