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Minor in Business Administration

Programme Title: Minor in Business Administration

Programme Code: 02413-YBA

Mode of Attendance: Full-time

Credit Requirements: 18 credits (at least 9 credits must be at level 3 or above)

Implementation Date: Academic year 2017/18

Intake Quota: 10 (for cohort of Non-FB/non-SHTM students admitted in 2018/19 promoted to Year 2 in academic year 2019/20)

Host Department: Faculty of Business

Programme Management:
Programme Coordinator

  • To meet the needs of non-FB/non-SHTM undergraduate students at PolyU for a Minor in general business management
  • To equip the non-FB/non-SHTM undergraduate students with the essential business and management knowledge and skills enabling them to make a more effective contribution to a company of their chosen fields and future management aspirations

On successfully completing of the Minor programme, students will be able to:

  1. Have a good understanding of the purposes and business functions of an organization
  2. Integrate and apply fundamental economic, financial, marketing or management concepts and theories to analyse business problems

Non-FB/non-SHTM students admitted to the UGC-funded full time undergraduate programmes in 2016/17 or after with a GPA of 2.5 or above.

Students will be invited to opt for the Major/Minor study path normally in mid-October during Semester 1 of their second year of study. Approved students can register their Minor subjects for the following Semester 2 during the subject registration period after release of class timetable normally in December/January. No late application will be considered.

Additional admission requirements may be imposed if the number of students applied to the programme exceeds the student quota.

Programme Requirement:
  • At least 9 of the 18 credits required for satisfying the Minor programme requirements should be at level 3 or above.
  • Subject to the approval by the Faculty of Business, a student may count up to 6 credits from their Major/General University Requirements (GUR) towards this Minor. In such case only 4 subjects will be required.

Credit Requirements:
Core (compulsory) subjects 9 credits
Electives 9 credits
Total credit required 18 credits

Subject List:

(a) Core (compulsory subjects)

No. Subject code Subject title Offering Dept Level Credits
1 AF2111    Accounting for Decision Making AF 2 3
2 LGT2106/
   Principles of Operations Management LMS 2 3
3 MM2021    Management & Organisation MM 2 3

(b) Electives

No. Subject code Subject title Offering Dept Level Credits
1 AF3313    Business Finance# AF 3 3
2 AF3318    Principles of Insurance AF 3 3
3 AF3601    Managerial Economics AF 3 3
4 LGT3106    Quality Management LMS 3 3
5 LGT3001    Logistics and Distribution Management LMS 3 3
6 MM3111    Human Resource Management## MM 3 3
7 MM3151    Managerial Leadership## MM 3 3
8 MM3721    Consumer Behaviour^ MM 3 3
9 AF4513/
   Corporate Social Responsibility AF/MM 4 3
10 LGT4106    Supply Chain Management LMS 4 3
11 MM4351    Entrepreneurship## MM 4 3

^ Pre-requisite: MM2B05/MM2711 Introduction to Marketing or the equivalent
# Pre-requisite: AF2111 Accounting for Decision Making
## Pre-requisite: MM2021 Management & Organisation

It should be noticed that the offering of elective subjects is subject to staffing resources and student enrolment and not all elective subjects will be offered every single year.