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Research Areas

School of Accounting and Finance

1. Accounting and Auditing

PhD Programme Co-director
Prof. Jeffrey Ng
Tel: 2766 7099

2. Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing

PhD Programme Director
Prof. Ji-Chai Lin
Tel: 3400 8454


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Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies (LMS)

1.  Aviation Management and Economics

Airport finance, congestion management, strategic partnerships between airlines: alliances and code-shares, airport slots, airline networks, airline and airport competition, intermodal competition between airlines and high-speed rail companies, air cargo markets, competitive airline schedules, airport price regulation, airport concession businesses.  

2.  Maritime Law and Shipping Finance

Maritime law and legal policy; Marine insurance and risk management; Shipping financing and investment; Organization management in shipping.  

3.  Maritime Studies

Shipping and port management; Maritime safety and security; Maritime and logistics information technology; Regional competition in port and shipping; Maritime and port economics; Maritime environment.  

4.  Operations Management 

International operations; Operations strategy; Production planning and control; Project management; Quality management; Data envelopment analysis; Forecasting; Scheduling; Linear and nonlinear optimization; Productivity analysis; and Technology management. 

5.  Supply Chain Management 

Strategic planning for supply chain, Distribution channel management; Contract design for supply chain coordination, Supply chain decision support system, Queueing and stochastic networks; Stochastics optimization, Outsourcing and strategic alliance; Demand management, Auction and game theory, Customer relationship management, Risk management Simulation.

6.  Transport and Logistics Management 

Transport economics, Revenue management in transport; Facility layout and design, Warehousing and inventory management; Network design and optimization, Vehicle routing and dispatch; Multi-mode logistics, Terminal Design and Operations.

Department of Management and Marketing (MM)

1.  Management

Cross-cultural management; Employee commitment; Leadership; Organisational justice; Proactive behaviors; Reward strategies; Social networks; Strategic HRM; Stress and Health; Voice and citizenship behaviors; Work-family conflict; Work teams; Business ethics; Innovation management; Social networks; Public sector management; Corporate environmental management.

2.  Marketing

Consumer information processing; Consumer judgment and decision making; Consumer psychology; Customer relationship management; Digital marketing; International marketing; Marketing strategy; Omni-channel management; Pricing and competitive strategies; Pro-social consumer behavior; Quantitative marketing modeling; Relationship marketing; Sensory marketing; Services marketing; Social influence on consumer behavior; Theoretical marketing modeling.

3. Management Information Systems

Big data management; Blockchain technology management; E-commerce; ICT adoption; Decision support systems; IT strategies; Social computing; Web-based supply chain management systems.