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Research Grants

Research Grants Council - General Research Fund (GRF)
Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Executive Disclosure on Twitter Dr Huang Wenli 0.6M 
Fast and slow markets, fast and slow investors: How investors react to speed bump Dr Park Seongkyu 0.61M
Tackling Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from Conflict Minerals Disclosure Regulation Prof NG Tee Yong 0.4M
How likely is it for realized performance to beat performance targets in compensation contracts? The roles of economic factors and corporate governance Dr Zhang Yong 0.31M
"Scoops" in the media: capital market effects of the use of anonymous sources Dr YANG Shuo 0.21M
Determinations of cross-sectional international stock returns: Covariances or characteristics Prof Wei Kuo-chiang 0.49M
Do Institutional Investors Affect Corporate IT Investment and IT Performance? Dr Cheng Zhuo (June) 0.43M
Understanding the Informational Content of Option Implied Volatility Dr Li Gang 0.69M
Forecasting the Growth of Revenues and Expenses Prof OHLSON James A. 0.38M
Internal Connections of CEOs and Corporate Tax Avoidance Dr Ge Rui 0.58M
Corporate Bond Market Attention to Strategic Timing of Bad Earnings News Dr LI Qin 0.34M
Are Partisan Media Also Biased with Respect to Earnings News? Any Price Effect? Prof CHENG Cheng- shing Agnes 0.36M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Shore Power Deployment Plan: Making at - Berth Emission Reduction Effective Dr WANG Shuaian 0.54M
Reliable transport schedules: Not worth the effort? Dr CZERNY Achim 0.3M
Customer Heterogeneity, Service Differentiation and Operational Policy Design of the On-Demand Platforms in the Sharing Economy Dr Wang Yulan 0.47M
Managing Supply Uncertainty for Multi- component Assembly Systems Dr XIAO Guang 0.29M
Reward-Based Crowdfunding in the Presence of Potential Competitor's Imitation Dr GUO Xiaomeng 0.44M
Strategic Operations Management in Bicycle-sharing Industry Dr XU Wenxin 0.32M
Joint Inventory and Markdown Management for Perishable Products with Censored Demand Data Prof Guo Pengfei 0.43M
Department of Management and Marketing
Interviewer Authentic Behavior: Conceptualization and Examination of Its Impact on Recruitment Outcomes Dr Kim Kawon 0.42M
The Impact of Product Glossiness on Consumer Judgments Dr Jiang Yuwei 0.46M
Worrying the Day Away: A Model of How Daily Workplace Anxiety Enhances Employee Productivity Dr Cheng Bonnie Hayden 0.43M
Research Grants Council - General Research Fund (GRF)
Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Media Coverage and Debt Contracting: Choice Between Public Debt and Private Loans Dr Jiang Liangliang 0.32M
Predictable Analyst Forecast Errors and the Variance Decomposition of Stock Returns Dr CHUE Timothy Kwing-hung 0.44M
Security Analysts and Capital Market Anomalies around the World Prof Wei Kuo- chiang 0.92M
Social Networks and Corporate IT Investment Dr Cheng Zhuo (June) 0.31M
Auditee Stickiness with Big-N Auditors: An Analysis of Switching Costs and Benefits in the Financial Audit Market Dr Fung Michael King-fai 0.17M
Economic Uncertainty and Conditional Accounting Conservatism Around the World Dr Chui Chun Wai Andy 0.32M
The Secondary Market for Venture Capital Investments: Participants and Performance Dr DU Qianqian 0.3M
What Does the Estimated Relation between Stock Liquidity and the Future Realized Return Tell Us about the Liquidity Premium Notion? Dr Fang Jing 0.48M
Disclosure Externalities along the Supply Chain Dr Zhang Shaojun 0.25M
How does limited attention affect investors' processing of earnings information? - Evidence from breaking news Dr Zhang Yong 0.44M
To Report or Not to Report Quarterly -- Empirical Evidence from Abolishing Mandatory Quarterly Reporting in the EU Countries Dr Wei Xiangdong 0.35M
Can Firms Break Investors' 52-Week High Anchoring Bias? Prof Lin Ji-chai 0.38M
The Great Unknown of the Voluminous Non- GAAP Disclosures - Informativeness or Misguidance? Prof CHENG Cheng- shing Agnes 0.45M
Changing the Contract Size: Effects on Market Efficiency and Investor Behavior Dr Park Seongkyu 0.52M
Robust Two-Funds and Three Funds Rules: A Cross-Validation Approach Dr JIN Yong 0.46M
Are passive investors also passive voters? Evidence from securities lending by mutual funds Dr XIE Jing 0.18M
Achieving Human Capital Synergies: Inventor Collaborative Connections and M&A Performance Dr LI Qin 0.46M
Pre-Holiday Inattention and Investment Performance Dr ZHAO Jing 0.15M
Auditor political contributions and SEC enforcement against auditors Dr FAN Yangyang 0.46M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Managing Shipping Emission Control Areas (ECAs): Minimizing Local Sulfur Oxide and Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Dr WANG Shuaian 0.55M
Location-Inventory Network Design Optimization with Service Differentiation in a Business-to- Business Environment Dr Song Miao 0.3M
Impacts of high-speed rail on air transport: climate change, airport congestion and network structure Dr Wan Yulai 0.58M
Emergency Evacuation Routing from Passenger Ships: New Analytical Tools, Fast Algorithms, and Computer Simulation Prof Ng Daniel Chi-to 0.3M
A Recoverable Approach to Optimizing Flight Gate Assignments for Airports under Uncertainty Dr Xu Zhou 0.44M
Omni-channel - the next wave of supply chain evolution Dr JIANG Li 0.34M
How does innovative resource affect connectivity? Dr Lun Yuen-ha, Venus 0.36M
Firms' Quality-Information Disclosure Strategies under Market Competition in an Information Age with Loss-Averse Consumers Dr Wang Yulan 0.34M
Study on Doctor-Shopping Behavior among Patients and Methods to Reduce This Problem Prof Guo Pengfei 0.32M
Saving the Environment and Saving Lives: Do Environmental Awards in China Reduce Firms' Operational Risks? Prof Yeung Andy Cheong-leung 0.84M
To keep consistency across channels or not: Analysis of omni-channel retailing in a supply chain Dr GUO Xiaomeng 0.33M
A Data-Driven Approach for the Capacity Provisioning of Queueing Systems with Incomplete System Information Dr WU Shining 0.58M
Strategic Information Sharing and Policy Implications in Market-Pulled Technology Supply Chain Dr XU Wenxin 0.48M
Department of Management and Marketing
Triple Pathways Linking Proactive Personality Diversity to Team Effectiveness Dr Lam Wing 0.4M
Consumer Response to Anthropomorphized Brand Alliances Dr Jiang Yuwei 0.41M
Research Grants Council - General Research Fund (GRF)
Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Why Have Many US-listed Chinese Firms Recently Announced to Go Private? Prof Lin Ji-chai 0.4M
The Productivity Impact of Climate Change: Evidence from Australia’s Millennium Drought Prof Xu Xinpeng 0.3M
Reexamining the Pricing Kernel Puzzle: International Evidence Dr Li Gang 0.65M
Financial Fraud and Innovation Dr Tian Feng 0.43M
Spillover Effects of the Mandated Say-on-pay Vote on Executive Compensation Practices Dr Tang Feng 0.3M
Explaining Stocks’ Price Changes Prof OHLSON James A. 0.27M
The Contagion Effect of Financial Scandals in Business Groups Dr Ge Rui 0.24M
Strategic Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) when Local Firms Face Credit Constraints: Theory and Empirical Evidence Dr Yang Lei 0.3M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Robust Inventory Management with Multiple Demand Classes Dr Song Miao 0.68M
Enhancing the Performance of Influenza Vaccination Programs: Optimizing the Efficacy, Public Benefits and Costs Dr Ng Daniel Chi- to 0.48M
When will Process Institutionalization lead to Organizational Innovativeness? Knowledge Absorption, IT Capability and Partner Alliance Prof Yeung Andy Cheong-leung 0.71M
Opportunities, Challenges, and Regulation of Car- hailing Apps Operated by Didi Kuaidi and Uber Dr Guo Pengfei 0.39M
Jurisdiction over Disputes Involving the Multimodal Transport of Goods: The Chinese Approach Compared to Other Selected Jurisdictions Dr Zhu Ling 0.64M
Department of Management and Marketing
Enjoy Your Night, Stay Proactive Tomorrow: Exploring the Motivational Mechanisms of Off-Job Experiences‒Proactive Behavior Relationships Dr Lam Wing 0.59M
Taking Advantage of Cute & Co.: Impact of Brand Logo Cuteness on Consumer Bargaining Behavior Dr Jiang Yuwei 0.5M
Sleep Deprivation Effects on Shopping Behavior and Consumption Decisions Prof GORN Gerald 0.77M
Research Grants Council - General Research Fund (GRF)
Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)

School of Accounting and Finance

Aggregate Cash Flows vs. Aggregate Accruals: Comparing their Market Prices of Risk Dr CHUE Timothy Kwing-hung 0.26M
The effect mandatory adoption of IFRS on corporate real decisions: a dynamic perspective Dr HUANG Yuan 0.25M
Does Macro-news Help to Interpret Micro- news? Evidence from Post-Earnings Announcement Drift Dr Zhu Kevin Xingnong 0.28M
On Regression-Based Earnings Forecasting Dr Lai Huiwen 0.27M
A Tail of Two Worlds: Relative Extreme Risk, Regret, and Stock Returns Dr Wu Feng (Harry) 0.12M
Open Justice in the Digital Era: Evidence from the Internet Publication of Judgments Dr Lu Haitian 0.54M

Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies

Optimal Planning of Emergency Evacuation Routes on a Three- Dimensional Geometric Network Dr Ng Daniel Chi- to 0.5M
Do Business Intelligence Systems Improve Operational Capabilities and Reduce Firm Risks? Stakeholder Relationships and Process Institutionalization Prof Yeung Andy Cheong-leung 0.51M
A Study of Congestion Measurement in Health Care Systems: Why Patients' Waiting Time is not a Good Indicator? Dr Guo Pengfei 0.23M
Should Governments Provide Market Price Information or Subsidies to Farmers in Developing Economies? The Impact on Farmers' Welfare, Consumer Surplus, and Market Price Stability Dr Wang Yulan 0.24M

Department of Management and Marketing

Some anger works, some anger hurts: Leader’s display of anger and employee upward voice Dr Liu Wu 0.54M
Strengthening or Diversifying: Channel Relationship Management Within and Beyond a Dyad Dr Gu Fang 0.44M
Understanding Transactive Memory System and Geographical Dispersion in Team Context: A Cross-level Perspective Dr He Wei 0.38M
A Multichannel Retailer's Outlet Designation Decision in a Distribution Channel Dr Zhang Xubing 0.14M
Political Contexts, Work Situations, and the Implementation of Environmental Policy by Street-Level Bureaucrats in China Dr Zhan Xueyong 0.53M
Campaign-Style Enforcement and Environmental Compliance in China: A Comparative and Longitudinal Study Prof Lo Carlos Wing-hung 0.72M
Research Grants Council - General Research Fund (GRF)
Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Overreaction and Underreaction to Intra- Industry Information Transfers: A Cross- Country Analysis Prof CHENG Cheng- shing Agnes 0.15M
Institutional Trading around Financial Restatement Announcements: Do Connections with Auditors and Executives Matter? Dr Huang Wenli 0.42M
Credibility of Financial Reports and Corporate Hedging Activities Dr HUANG Yuan 0.2M
Role of Experience in Portfolio Choice: Evidence from Hedge Fund Managers Dr Kang Byoung Uk 0.09M
The effect of proportion of outside directors, their competence and appointment on perceived independence of directors and effectiveness of corporate governance Dr Leung Wing Yin 0.17M
The Value of Lawyer-Director: Evidence from Litigation Disclosures Dr Lu Haitian 0.21M
International Evidence on Financial Markets’ Perception of Audit Quality Dr Saffar Walid 0.1M
Environmental Liability and Buyer-Supplier Relationships Dr Wong Lap Bun 0.26M
Conditional Extreme Downside Risk, Black Swan Hedging, and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns Dr Wu Feng 0.14M
Productivity, Technology and Resource Allocation: Evidence from the Chinese Steel Industry Prof Xu Xinpeng 0.15M
Direct evidence on the non-GAAP earnings used in executive compensation contracts Dr Zhang Yong 0.4M
Information Shocks, Stock Returns, and Illiquidity Premium Dr Zhu Kevin Xingnong 0.22M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Min-Sum Rectangle Packing Problems with Berth Allocation Applications Dr Xu Zhou 0.6M
Resource Sharing Networks under fair allocation --- diffusion limit and stationary performance Dr Ye Hengqing 0.56M
Department of Management and Marketing
Antecedents and Consequences of Environmental Orientation: An Investigation of SMEs in China’s Pearl River Delta Region Dr Chan Yee Kwong (Ricky) 0.26M
The Power of LinkedIn: Will IT professionals leave their organizations for professional advancement due to participating in LinkedIn? Dr Cho Wing-sing 0.15M
Rainbow or Plain? Effects of Logo Color Scheme on Consumer Brand Preference Dr Jiang Yuwei 0.3M
Leader-Employee Congruence in Proactivity and Employees’ Reactions to the New Leaders’ Change Agenda During Leadership Transitions Dr Lam Wing 0.47M
Doing Good, Doing Bad, Doing Both, or Doing Nothing? A Configurational Analysis of the Social Actions of Companies Dr Ni Na 0.32M
Alternative perspectives on the relationship between merit pay raises and employee outcomes: A cross-cultural comparison Prof Shaw Jason DeFrance 1.31M
Retailers' Extended Warranties in a Distribution Channel Dr Zhang Xubing 0.15M
Research Grants Council - General Research Fund (GRF)
Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Does stopping quarterly earnings guidance reduce opportunistic financial reporting? Dr SU Lixin 0.17M
Convergence in Financial Development and Economic Growth: Stable or Unstable Growth Paths in China? Dr FUNG Michael King-fai 0.18M
Compensation of Powerful CEOs Dr WAN Kam Ming 0.19M
Institutional and Individual Trading and Stock Price Crashes  Dr LI Wei 0.23M
Rational and Behavioral Explanations of Momentum: a Natural Experiment using Twin Stocks in China  Dr CHUI Chun Wai Andy 0.23M
A Dynamic Approach to Understanding Firm-level R Square  Dr WEI Xiangdong 0.24M
Patent Reform, Exports and Productivity of Heterogeneous Firms in Developing Countries: Evidence from China Dr YANG Lei 0.25M
Mandatory IFRS Adoption and Cash Holdings  Dr HUANG Yuan 0.25M
CEO Turnovers upon Poor Industry Performance  Prof TONG Wilson 0.29M
Firm-level Responses to External Shocks  Dr LAI Huiwen 0.29M
Merits and Consequences for Allegation of GAAP Violation in Securities Litigation  Prof CHENG Chengshing Agnes 0.30M
The efficiency of internal capital markets and the quality of internal accounting information  Dr ZHANG Yong 0.30M
Audit Quality, Client Importance and Audit Partner Promotion: Evidence from China  Dr DU Jun 0.31M
Jump Dynamics and Jump Risk Premium  Dr LI Gang 0.31M
Managerial skill, firm-specific volatility, and mutual fund performance  Dr CHUE Timothy Kwing-hung  0.34M
Effects of U.S. Oversight and PCAOB Inspections on International Auditors and Quality Spillovers to Non-U.S. Clients: A Study of U.S. and non-U.S. Markets  Dr FUNG Yu Kit 0.39M
Informativeness of Multiple-step Income Statement v.s. Sing-step Income Statement  Prof YU Wayne W 0.40M
Employees' Legal Protection and Equity Market Development: Rigidity of Employee Protection Laws, Firms' Going-public Decisions and IPO Characteristics  Dr LEE Woo Jong 0.43M
The Role of Qualitative Information in the Stock Price-Earnings Announcement Relationship: Some Comparative Evidence from Hong Kong and Mainland China  Dr GONG Xihe 0.47M
Hong Kong’s New Competition Law-Enforcement Strategy and Priority Sectors or Conduct: A Comparative Analysis  Prof WILLIAMS Anthony Mark  0.49M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Scheduling in a Multitasking Environment Prof LI Chung-Lun 0.65M
“Socialized” Operations Management: Does the Adoption of Social Commerce Improve Product/Service Quality and Profitability? Prof YEUNG Andy Cheong-leung 0.69M
Department of Management and Marketing
Examining the Role of Attribution in Intercultural Service Encounters: Employees' and Customers' Perspectives Dr TAM Lai Ming Jackie 0.16M
Back stabbing and supervisory retaliation: The consequences of employees’ skip-level voice Prof HUANG Xu 0.17M
When the Role Fits: How Firm Status Differentials Affect Corporate Takeovers Dr TANG Yi 0.23M
How Does Workplace Ostracism Influence Service Employees’ Coproduction Effectiveness with Customers Dr CHAN Kimmy Wa 0.26M
Understanding the Temporal Progress of Knowledge Transfer and Its Impact on Users’ Evaluations of Analytical Customer Relationship Management Systems: A Cognitive Dissonance Perspective and Latent Growth Modeling Approach Dr HSIEH J.J. Po-An 0.42M
A Longitudinal and Comparative Study of Corporate Compliance with Environmental Regulations in China Prof LO Carlos Winghung 0.77M