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Ways to Give

There are almost as many variations on ways to give as there are needs to be met. See how you can make a donation or contribute in other ways.

Every gift makes a difference.

  1. Support a Scholarship

    Support scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students who excel academically or participate actively in extra-curricular activities and community service and demonstrate outstanding abilities.


  2. Support Student Exchange

    Enable undergraduates to study abroad and increase their exposure through Student Exchange.


  3. Fund Faculty Research

    Support the Faculty in creating and disseminating new knowledge by conducting high quality research that has relevance to and implications for business and the wider community.


  4. Sponsor a Walk of Friends Graduation Commemorative Brick

    Put your name, class or message on PolyU’s red brick wall as a memento for class solidarity. Support your alma mater in enhancing education facilities and nurturing professionals and future leaders. Encourage fellow alumni to contribute to the University’s sustainable development.

  5. Be a Partner Employer

    Work-Integrated Education is part of the curriculum and a required component for graduation. Workplace supervisors play a pivotal role in mentoring, training and developing Faculty students.


  6. Be a Community Service Advisor

    Broaden students’ understanding of the community through voluntary service and cultivate in them a sense of social responsibility. Act as an advisor and support students during the organization and provision of services.


  7. Be a Mentor

    Professional mentorship is where senior executives offer advice and guidance to Faculty students on professional development and career planning.

Thank you for your support.


To render your support, please contact PolyU FB Alumni and Corporate Affairs

Tel: (852) 3400 3564


Address: M921, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.