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Our Alumni

Alumni Profile

The Faculty of Business alumni are leaders in their field of work and form an integral part of the community. Through networking with your fellow alumni, you will immediately be opening more doors for your career, business and social life. You will also be having the opportunity to contribute to your Alma Mater and the society at large.

At present, we have more than 45,000 alumni – a network that expands steadily with each graduating class. Our alumni are leaders in a broad range of organizations including listed companies, commercial organizations, government, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurial ventures. They serve in a wide spectrum of industries and professions, including accounting and financial services, shipping and logistics, marketing and manufacturing.

Our Distinguished Alumni

Royce Yuen
Dr Royce Yuen, JP

Chief Executive Officer
New Brand New
Professor of Marketing Practice, PolyU
FolyU Fellow
Outstanding PolyU Alumni 2009 Award winner
2000 DBA graduate

“I have made numerous investments in my life, and the investment in DBA is definitely the one that has given me the highest return on investment.”

Hubert Chan
Dr Hubert Chan, JP

HKC International Holdings Limited
Outstanding PolyU Alumni 2013 Award winner
2008 DBA Graduate

“Any technology or innovation is a means to achieve the end, that is, to improve the quality of life of humankind. The DBA programme is one of the best means to achieve this end.”

Edith Kwan
Dr Edith Kwan Ngan-hing

Fellow and Honorary Advisor
Hong Kong Computer Society
Outstanding PolyU Alumni 2015 Award winner
2003 DBA Graduate

“The DBA programme helped me to appreciate versatility and dynamism, expanded my horizons, and enabled me to go beyond business into building social capital in Hong Kong”

David Ho
Dr David Ho Chi Shing, JP

Group General Manager
Hong Kong Ferry (Holdings) Company Limited
Outstanding PolyU Alumni 2015 Award winner
2002 DBA Graduate

“Lifelong education is a valuable learning experience and PolyU DBA provided me with more than I had expected. I am more than willing to share my experience with the future generations.”

KK Wong
Ir Dr Wong Kwok-keung, GBS, SBS, JP

Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Kum Shing Group
Outstanding PolyU Alumni 2017 Award winner
2016 DBA Graduate

“PolyU's DBA is the region's first professional doctorate programme. Its combination of research methods and practical orientation has given me insightful perspectives in leadership and quality management, which led me to a comprehensive inspection and analysis of the construction industry, my area of profession.”

Wan Feng
Mr Wan Feng

Centre Testing International Corporation
Outstanding PolyU Alumni 2015 Award winner
2006 MBA Graduate

“Some of my fellow MBA classmates and I have shared values. We are now great partners in business.”

Dennis Ho
Mr Dennis Ho Chiu-ping

Outstanding PolyU Alumni 2017 Award winner
1993 Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy Graduate