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Programme Director's Message

Dr YH Hung

Prof. Yick-Hin Hung
Programme Director
Master of Business Administration
Professor of Practice(Quality Management)
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies

LEAPing towards Professional Leadership with PolyU MBA

Welcome to the PolyU MBA!

A world that is increasingly diverse, complex and fast-moving demands leaders who are change-oriented and adaptable. Since 1990, PolyU MBA has been developing innovative, forward-thinking leaders who can thrive in a global business environment, based on the LEAP principles.

Leadership: We live in a world full of challenges. Sustainable development of our businesses and communities calls for leadership that is responsible to stakeholder needs and responsive to stakeholder demands. PolyU MBA aims at developing leaders who are aware of global challenges and local concerns, and are ready to contribute to solving them.

Empowerment: As technologies and knowledge advance, collaboration becomes the key to breakthroughs and innovation. Through broad-based intellectual stimulation inside classrooms and networking opportunities with professionals from diverse backgrounds, PolyU MBA empowers students to bridge boundaries and drive collaborations.

Agility: In an age of unprecedented volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, agility is a necessity. PolyU MBA encourages the cultivation of adaptability through continuous improvement and lifelong learning. Learning opportunities stretch well beyond graduation.

Pragmatism: Professional leadership requires the bridging of cutting-edge concepts and our ever-shifting reality. Leveraging its strong industry networks, PolyU MBA provides students with the option to deepen their practical knowledge in Aviation, Fashion, and Innovation and Design.

Opportunities favour those who are forward-looking and prepared. PolyU MBA can be the vehicle that takes you there. Join us, and take the LEAP to professional leadership.