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Alumni Profile

CHAN Clement
Learning is a lifelong journey. MBA at PolyU helped us to develop an enquiring and analytical mind as well as the ability to apply new knowledge and move forward on our career paths.

Hybrid learning during the pandemic was challenging but did not hinder us from becoming well-rounded managers for the new normal and changing business environment.
CHAN Clement

(2021 Graduate)

Training Consultant,
Tiptop Consultants Ltd.

Addie Chan
Learning not only came from inside the classroom but also outside - through team discussions on team projects and chatting at casual gatherings. This programme broadened my horizons by opening me to various people and places!
CHAN Oi Ying, Addie

(2019 Graduate)

Consultant, Employee Insights,
Willis Towers Watson

Wendy Ho
PolyU MBA allowed me to broaden my networks and equip myself with the latest know-how that could be applied in my organization to thrive in an evolving business environment.
HO Wing Tsz, Wendy

(2019 Graduate)

Executive Director - Corporate Services,
Tricor Services Limited

YIP Kai Hin
I met amazing lecturers and classmates. I also learned new knowledge while maintaining my work and meeting family commitments.
YIP Kai Hin

(2019 Graduate)

Senior Finance Manager,
China Lesso Holdings Limited

FAN Chi Cheong Charlie
PolyU MBA enabled me to become an all-rounded individual with up-to-date leadership know-how. Most importantly, the network I built in past years was priceless.
FAN Chi Cheong, Charlie

(2018 Graduate)

Vice President - International Relationship Management,
Commercial Banking, HSBC

MENG Chia Chien Wilson
The curriculum provided me with tools for financial analysis and corporate strategy. The intense class discussions opened my eyes to company directives and leadership initiatives. Most importantly, I forged great friendships with classmates who were experts in their own fields.
MENG Chia Chien, Wilson

(2018 Graduate)

Lead Consultant,
Entrust Data Protection Solutions

PolyU MBA helped me to realize my potential and acquire international management competence. It also provided a platform for executives and leaders from different backgrounds to share experience of responding intelligently to leadership challenges.

(2018 Graduate)

Head, Finance & Accounting Department,
Sinopec Century Bright Capital Investment Limited

PolyU MBA combines practical applications with theoretical concepts. The professors were always prepared to share their expertise knowledge as well as experience of running international businesses.
TANG Ho Fung

(2018 Graduate)

Senior Manager, Business Development / Project Management,
Wong’s International Holdings Limited

This MBA provided me with a fantastic chance to continue my academic learning and increase my capacity for bridging the gap between theory and practice. PolyU was an ideal place for me to extend my professional network which has been essential to my career life.
WONG Ki Heng

(2018 Graduate)

General Manager, Operation Department,
China Life Trustees Limited

Vio Chiu
I acquired up-to-date knowledge and comprehensive business management skills which are practical and applicable to my field of business. This programme covers all major aspects of commerce and produces all-round business leaders.
CHIU Yun Ling, Vio

(2017 Graduate)

Head of Key Account Management,
Hong Kong & South China,

Meeting people from different backgrounds and professions was fun and stimulating. The management skills that I learned could be directly applied in my workplace.
CHU Chun Lan, Andress

(2017 Graduate)

Finance Manager,
Mattel Asia Pacific Sourcing Limited

The intense first year not only provided me with useful theoretical knowledge and improved my business acumen but also helped me to enhance my management and leadership skills.
MAAR Balazs

(2017 Graduate)

Senior Manager,
Morgan Stanley