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Quality Teaching and Learning

Being the leading provider of quality postgraduate business education in the Region, the Faculty of Business offers a uniquely designed Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme. The programme design suits the particular needs of participants and their current and future employers via:

Business Links - All the professors teaching in the MBA programme are well qualified in terms of their academic training and industrial knowledge, and more importantly, they are committed to quality teaching. Most academics in PolyU are involved in research projects across a wide variety of businesses. These projects allow regular feedback from managers in key industries, and links to be built up with them over the years, ensuring the programme content is always up-to-date and relevant to today’s business environment.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Methods - While the Internet provides an excellent way of learning, in PolyU MBA programme we emphasize face-to-face contact with staff and other students. Our programme maximizes learning effectiveness by utilizing a variety of teaching methods. Teaching is highly interactive and involves lectures, projects, and seminars. Students are actively involved in the learning process and are expected to contribute to the joint learning process through class discussion of assigned materials and by sharing their professional experience.

There is a strong emphasis on “bringing reality into the classroom”, with students producing written analyses and making verbal presentations where theoretical knowledge is applied to practical problems. Both group and individual achievements are recognized.

In most cases, assessment is based on both coursework and examination, with the balance varying according to the nature of the subject.

Professional and Business Development - To help MBA students’ learning and interaction, public seminars are held regularly by inviting esteemed scholars and business practitioners to share their knowledge and experience with participants. Visits and trips are also organized to expose students to business communities in other territories. In these ways, students of our programme do not simply acquire textbook knowledge. They are expected to interact actively with the business world and can thus develop a strong sense of identity and commitment.