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Aims & Outcomes

The PolyU Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme has been developing General Managers in Hong Kong since 1990. Its structure, content, and teaching approaches have been benchmarked against the best programmes in the world.

On completion of the programme, students will be able to strengthen their knowledge, skills and intellectual abilities as defined in the broad learning outcomes which are underpinned by specific learning objectives below:

  1. Critical and Creative Thinking

    Learning Objective A: To analyse business cases and solve business problems by applying concepts and techniques in a critical manner.

    Leaning Objective B: To be able to integrate concepts and provide creative solutions to business problems.

  2. Effective Communication

    Learning Objective: To communicate reasoned arguments effectively, both in speech and in writing.

  3. Leadership Capabilities

    Learning Objective: To demonstrate the understanding of human behaviours and the ability to influence others in achieving common goals.

  4. Global Outlook

    Learning Objective: To adopt a global outlook and an understanding of cultural diversity, globalization, and their implications for business.

  5. Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability

    Learning Objective: To develop an understanding of issues surrounding ethics, social responsibility, and sustainable development pertaining to the context of general management.