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Community Service

Faculty students make use of what they have acquired to contribute to society. They demonstrate civic responsibility and develop leadership through serving the community and reaching out to the underprivileged.

FB CARES is a community service project initiated by the Faculty to

  • Broaden the vision of students and let them know more about the community and the needy
  • Promote social responsibility among students
  • Help students develop and enhance leadership and other skills

Students attend a series of workshops on skills of working with NGOs. These workshops are held by the Faculty, Centre STARS (Student Advancement and Resources) of PolyU, and the Agency for Volunteer Service.


Click here to join FB Cares.


As part of an ORBIS project, we organized activities for primary and secondary school students to raise their awareness about the life and needs of the visually impaired.

Vivian MA

While fulfilling social responsibility, I could also apply the business knowledge and skills I learned to serve the needy and make new friends.


Please visit the Community Service Net (CS Net) administered by PolyU’s Office of Service-Learning for available opportunities.

Other opportunities will be announced by the Office via email to students or Facebook Service Learning – PolyU.

Some student-initiated projects are set up in cooperation with HKCSS-listed social service organizations. Others involve participation in the activities of these organizations. For a list of the organizations, please visit The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)’s website.


PolyU is a Corporate Member of the Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS). Students are encouraged to visit the AVS website regularly to look for service opportunities.

To participate in a community service, please register with AVS.

  • To register by email ( or by fax (2559 5142), fill in the Volunteer Service Application Form.
  • To register by phone (2546 0694), provide PolyU's Membership number (CM0069), applicant’s English and Chinese names, HKID card number and contact number.

On completion of service, fill in the AVS Service Record (Volunteer) Form (服務紀錄表). Please provide personal details, including Faculty, School/Department and Student ID number, to gain recognition for community service by the Faculty.

  • Students who have completed 50 or more hours of approved service during their study with the Faculty and the necessary procedures for recognition will receive a Certificate of Merit from the Faculty when they graduate.
  • Approved services can count towards Work-Integrated Education (WIE) hours. (
  • Approved services can be recorded on the Co-curricular Achievement Transcript (CAT) issued by CENTRE STARS (Student Advancement and Resources) of PolyU.


PolyU offers funding support for service-learning projects through Office of Service-Learning (OSL). Please watch out for OSL notices.

For details and application, please visit the Office of Service-Learning website.