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Student Exchange

Student Exchange helps participants

  • improve their self-confidence and broaden their outlook
  • learn about different cultures by experiencing them first-hand
  • understand their own values and the beliefs of members of other cultures through interaction with them
  • become independent, flexible and mature
  • improve language skills through immersion in different environments
  • make friends with people from different cultural and social backgrounds
  • add a global dimension to their university life

Every year, around 30% of the Faculty’s year 3 students go on overseas, mainland China and Taiwan exchanges.

Outbound exchange places at Institutional level are open for application from full-time PolyU undergraduates. Places at Faculty level are open for application from Faculty students ONLY.

I gained confidence to speak up in class and think of creative solutions to solve problems like the Americans. We developed innovative thinking through business case studies.

LEUNG Wan Ting
University of Florida / USA

I learned from the Danes that money is not as important as enjoying life together and maintaining work-life balance. Now I know why Denmark is the happiest nation in the world.

KAN Ka Yan
Copenhagen Business School / Denmark

Rouen is a beautiful town for people who love quietness and books. Students here are humble and brilliant. After experiencing a lot here, I totally agree that ‘I regret not the things I've done, but those I did not do’.

NG Yuen Yin
NEOMA Business School - Rouen Campus / France

My most memorable experience was an 8-day road trip in Iceland. We travelled on budget airlines, stayed in Airbnb hostels, and shared food from supermarkets and gas stations.

LAI Chi Ying
Vienna University of Economics and Business / Austria

I like the natural environment, the beautiful scenery, the peacefulness and frankness of Scandinavian culture. I made new friends from different nations, and took part in different kinds of activities held by the universities.

LI King Yu
BI Norwegian Business School / Norway

I met people from the Polish and other cultures. I learned in a beautiful environment with snow mountains, huge green area and blue sky, and lower cost of living.

MAN Mung Kiu
Kozminski University / Poland

had been to many places in Europe and Rotterdam is the city that I like most. You can always find modern buildings with fantastic design, open market with numerous products, museums, river channels and rowboats.

TAO Hongzi
Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management / The Netherlands

I collaborated with engineering students to develop an innovative product, learned and enjoyed life and liberty together with the French. Language was no longer a barrier.

IP Yan Ting
EDHEC Business School / France

I really enjoyed the English small town lifestyle and learned the Yorkshire accent. I joined my schoolmates for Christmas celebration with traditional food - turducken and Yorkshire pudding.

University of Huddersfield / United Kingdom

The exchange experience was unforgettable. In Japan I met people from diverse backgrounds. We travelled around the country and extended our knowledge about the world.

YONG WENG Diego Daniel
Rikkyo University / Japan

I learned so much about other cultures and a lot about myself. The experiences of submitting applications, researching for options, saving money, making friends and travelling, the food, sharing and relationships were unforgettable.

CHU En-lien
Ryerson University / Canada

The exchange provided me with an opportunity to learn from friends from all over the world and to understand more about other people. I lived with four Koreans. I studied, travelled, and played together with them. We built long-lived connections.”

EBS Business School / Germany

Eligible Applicants
  • Year 2 students of 4-year BBA programmes
  • Students admitted directly to Year 3 of BBA programmes

Successful applicants go on exchange to overseas, Taiwan or Chinese mainland universities in the next academic year.


Selection Criteria
  • Academic performance
  • Language proficiency
  • Leadership
  • Extra-curricular activities participation
  • Community service participation
  • Performance at interview

Financial Assistance

Students going on exchange may receive financial assistance from the Faculty or the University to help cover flight, insurance and living expenses.

Post-exchange Requirements
  • Submit a report on attainment and personal development to the Faculty or IAO/CMAO (as appropriate).
  • Complete at least 50-hour-points of voluntary service with the Faculty or its departments, PolyU or the community.