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About Digital Transformation Centre

The Digital Transformation Centre (DTC) caters for the needs of individuals and organizations, the academic and business communities and society as a whole. It promotes and enhances the understanding and management of technology innovations and digital transformation mainly through research, training and consultancy. It provides a platform for collaboration and partnership, sharing expertise and resources.


  1. To provide a platform for the collaboration between our faculty members, external experts and the relevant parties who are interested in digital transformation;

  2. To produce high-quality and impactful academic research on digital transformation;

  3. To promote and disseminate the knowledge and research findings related to digital transformation via teaching, training and consultancy.



The Centre has established connections with a number of successful high-tech startups and companies in the Great Bay Area. We will continue to build up new connections to sustain its activities in the following areas:


To establish collaborations between PolyU FB and the public agencies, the academic institutions, and the business community in the key fields of digital transformation, with a focus on the Great Bay Area (GBA).

Professional Training

To provide training and training resources regarding departmental and faculty courses/programs related to digital transformation (e.g., the master program on Business Analytics), such as business cases, data sources, and project-based field experiences.


To invite business organizations to serve as the industrial sponsors/partners of our Centre via our DBA/DMgt connections., based on which consultancy/sponsored projects will be established and conducted.