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Programme Director's Message

Prof. Wilson Tong
Programme Director
Doctor of FinTech
Professor of Practice (Finance)
School of Accounting and Finance

I am pleased to introduce you to Doctor of FinTech (DFinTech) programme, the first-ever professional doctorate in financial technology, offered by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU).

Digital transformation is reshaping the financial services landscape as well as bringing about new challenges and opportunities to businesses. Understanding and applying digital technologies have become crucial to the development or even survival of an organization. With the aim to educate "scholar-leaders" in the FinTech area, our programme helps senior executives integrate digital knowledge and perspective with their actual practice to enhance strategic management and leadership in FinTech and other areas.

PolyU DFinTech is a cross-disciplinary and rigorous programme which draws upon the pooled resources of different faculties within the University. With academic papers publishing in prestigious international journals, our subject professors are experts in big data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart city, digital supply chain management, digital marketing and FinTech economics.

As FinTech is boundless, there will be international collaboration with world-famous institution(s) so that our DFinTech students have the opportunity to go there to take an executive programme on digital business.

PolyU DFinTech programme will equip you with frontier knowledge in FinTech and related areas, a new mindset and tools to take your organization to a new level in the digital era.