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Study Timeline

Three-year Study Timeline

1 Compulsory Subject + 1 Core Subject (choose 1 out of 2) +
6 Elective Subjects (any 6 subjects) + 2 DFinTech Residentials + a DFinTech Thesis

For the subject offering pattern, please refer to Programme Structure for updates.

Year 1
  Semester 2
January – April 2020
Summer Term
May – August 2020
Compulsory DFinTech Residential 1  
Core Introduction to Qualitative Research Introduction to Quantitative Research
Elective Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Cryptography and Blockchain

Economics of FinTech

Management and Marketing in the Digital World

Independent Studies in FinTech Note 1
Year 2
  Semester 1
September – December 2020
Semester 2
January – April 2021
Summer Term
May – August 2021
Compulsory Research and Design for Thesis DFinTech Residential 2

DFinTech Thesis I
Elective Smart City and Urban Informatics

Digital Supply Chain Management

Overseas Executive Programmes

Independent Studies in FinTech Note 1
Year 3
  Semester 1
September – December 2021
Semester 2
January – April 2022
Summer Term
May – August 2022
Compulsory DFinTech Thesis II DFinTech Thesis II Thesis Defence (viva)

Note 1:
Independent Studies in FinTech is only offered to students if students are unable to follow the normal pattern of study of this programme due to exceptional situations such as illness or posting to work outside Hong Kong, they can enrol in this elective subject in a particular semester.

Note 2:
All subject details (e.g. subject description form, offering pattern, class timetable etc.) are subject to continuous review and changes. Not all subjects will be offered in a given year, subject to factors such as staff availability, student enrolment, programme resources and so on.