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Programme Structure

The programme consists of 8 taught subjects (a total of 24 credits), 2 compulsory DFinTech Residentials (1 credit for DFinTech Residential 1; 2 credits for DFinTech Residential 2) and a DFinTech Thesis (8 credits for DFinTech Thesis I; 16 credits for DFinTech Thesis II).

Students are required to complete 1 compulsory subject, 1 core subject (choose 1 out of 2) and 6 taught/non-taught elective subjects1 for a total of 24 credits. All subjects are at an advanced level and students are expected to have prior knowledge and experience of each subject area.

Research and Design for Thesis

Introduction to Quantitative Research

Introduction to Qualitative Research

Taught Subjects

Economics of FinTech

Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Cryptography and Blockchain

Digital Supply Chain Management

Smart City and Urban Informatics

Management and Marketing in the Digital World


Non-Taught Subjects

Independent Studies in FinTech

Overseas Executive Programmes

Attendance at the 2 DFinTech Residentials is compulsory.

DFinTech Residential 1 is a 2 / 3-day orientation workshop which is scheduled for the beginning of the programme in September.

DFinTech Residential 2 is a research workshop which is normally held in Semester 2 of Year 2 to give students an opportunity to present their thesis proposals and to prepare them for writing the thesis.

The DFinTech Thesis comprises two parts: DFinTech Thesis I and DFinTech Thesis II. Students must pass the compulsory subject, 1 core subject and at least 4 elective subjects before beginning their theses.

DFinTech Thesis I: Students are required to work with their supervisors to prepare a detailed thesis proposal and present the thesis proposal in the DFinTech Residential 2. The thesis proposal will be assessed by a panel of academics.

DFinTech Thesis II: After getting pass on the thesis proposal presentation in DFinTech Residential 2, students will work with their thesis supervisors to work on theses.

  1. Please note that Independent Studies in FinTech and Overseas Executive Programmes are non-taught elective subjects.

  2. Not all subjects will be offered in a given year, subject to factors such as staff availability, student enrolment, programme resources and so on.

  3. Programme structure and the subject details (e.g. subject description form, offering pattern, class timetable etc.) are subject to review and change from time to time.