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Aims & Outcomes

Programme Aims

The DFinTech Programme aims to expose students to the digital impacts on the financial industry and equip them with the frontier knowledge in the FinTech area. The DFinTech Programme is designed to integrate academic study with management practice to transform our students into “scholar-leaders” in the FinTech field. 


Learning Outcomes 

On completion of the programme, students will be able to advance their knowledge, skills and intellectual abilities as defined in the broad learning outcomes which are underpinned by specific learning objectives below:

  1. General Business Knowledge

    Learning Objective: Broadening, updating, and deepening students’ understanding and appreciation of the importance of the impacts of digital transformation and technological innovations on the business world today with ethical implications.

  2. Specialist Knowledge

    Learning Objective: Acquiring an in-depth knowledge of digital technologies in the financial industry.

  3. Applied Research

    Learning Objective: Acquiring the ability to conduct original applied research in tech-related business areas.