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Thesis Topics

Author (Dr) Year Topic
APRILLIA Cindy 2018 EOR, Psychological Contract Fulfilment, Personality, and Turnover
BAI Song 2016 Does Drinking Really Matter? An Empirical Study of the Effect of Drinking on Guanxi in Chinese B2B Markets
CAI Jin 2020 An Exploratory Study Of The Effect Of Investor Relations Management On Investors And Analysts In Chinese A-Share Market
CHEN Beng Ming 2017 Macroeconomic Policy, Foreign Hedging, and Exchange Rate: The Case of Abenomics
CHEN I Ming 2019 Can R&D Spillover Effect Explain The Positive Association Between R&D Investments and Future Abnormal Returns?
CHEN Jianwen 2016 Extraversion and Sales Performance: Does Face-to-face Communication Matter?
CHEN Qing 2018 Unbundling Institutional Determinants of Innovation
CHEN Yang 2016 SOE Dominance and Corporate Diversification: Evidence from Chinese Stock Markets
CHENG Chung Ngam 2019 How Does IT Chargeback Affects Strategic Alignment and Organizational Performance: the Contingent Role of CIOs’ Business Competence
CHEUNG Fat Kwong Lawrence 2019 When Nurses’ Moods Affect Their Voice Behaviour Toward Management
CHEUNG Francis 2019 Cash Holding Through Crisis: A Hong Kong Study
CHU Yin King 2016 The Mediating Effect of Controllability Attributional Style Between Abusive Supervision and Selected Work Outcomes
CHOI Hyung Kyu 2019 Hedge Fund Awards: The Impact on Investors and Managers
CHOI Pui Ching Joyce 2016 Diamond Cuts Diamond: Exploring the Role of Customer Participation in Service Quality Co-creation - A Study of the Shopping Mall Tenant-Landlord Relationship
CHU Yat Chiu Buston 2017 Can Corporate Social Responsibilities Drive Citizenship Behaviours: Its Mediating Mechanism and the Boundary Condition of Customer Participation
CHU Ya-Lei 2016 Entrepreneurship, Talent and Regional Economic Development in China
CHUNG Chun Ming 2018 An Experimental Study on the Determinants of Homepage Impression Within Ten Seconds
CHUNG Siu Kuen Derek

Best Thesis Awardee
2018 An Exploratory Study of The Critical Success Factors of Retail Banking in The Digital Era
CHUNN Daniel Alex 2014 Ties that Bind: How Social Networks Affect New Product Development Team Performance
deFilippo Vincent 2019 The Causal Relationship of Prospect Theory on Escation of Commitment: A Study of Hong Kong Investors Behaviour
DENG Jianmin 2019 Same Firm, Same News, Different Reaction Empirical Study on China A+H Shares
DU Zihua Robert 2017 The Effects of a Country’s Soft Power on FDI Flows

Honorable Mention
2018 CFO Profile – Does Business Experience Matter? Evidence from S&P 500 Companies
FUNG Kwan Hung 2016 Managerial Power Versus Optimal Contracting: Which Better Explains Executive Pay in Chinese Non-State-Owned Enterprises?
FUNG So Ching Jenny 2019 Understanding The High Leverage of China’s Listed Companies
HO Linwen

Honorable Mention
2018 An Exploratory Study of the Critical Success Factors of Hedge Fund Management
IP Ching Loi Carlos 2017 Leveraging Selective Revealing Strategies and Team Sharing on Enhancing Innovativeness of Small-Medium Enterprise Logistics Service Providers in Hong Kong
IP Kammy 2017 Does Independent Audit Oversight Impact Audit Quality: Evidence from Hong Kong Audit Firms Registered with the PCAOB
JIM Wai Kee

Best Thesis Awardee
2016 Wealth Transfer Effect Revisited: Evidence from Stock and CDS Market Reactions to Share Repurchase
KEI Chi Wing Brian 2020 A Study Of Reverse Stock Split In Downward Price Trading Syndrome Of Hong Kong Stock Market
KO Siu Fung Stephen 2018 Nature or Nurture: Is a Firm’s CSR Performance Influenced by Its Industry Nature & Customer Concentration?
KULKARNI Manoj Prabhakar 2020 An exploratory study of the critical success factors of strategic sourcing in the Automotive Components Manufacturing Industry in China
LAI Pok Lai Alvin

Best Thesis Awardee
2017 An Exploratory Study of the Critical Capabilities of Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Printing Industry in China
LAM Wai Yuan Leon 2019 Pay Transparency, Pay Structure, and Idiosyncratic Deals
LEE Wai Lun Alan 2018 The Effect of Information Privacy Concerns on Willingness to be Profiled: The Moderating Role of Cultural Values and Privacy Regulations
LEE Yin Toa 2016 The Impact of Reporting Frequency on the Information Quality of Share Price: Some Evidence from the Chinese State-Owned Enterprises
LEUNG Danson 2018 Is the Omission of Material Weakness Disclosures Related to Management and Auditors?
LEUNG Kim Ming Kenneth

Certificate of Excellence
2017 Fixing Troubled Companies and Sustainable Emergence: Evidence from China
LEUNG Shing Koon Gabriel 2017 Solvers’ Continued Participation in Crowdsourcing Platforms: An Empirical Study of Motivation, Justice and Self-Efficacy in Microtask Crowdsourcing
LI Kwong Tak Kent 2018 The Effects of Justice and Governance on Relationship Commitment
LING Shing Ping 2019 Can Minority Shareholders' Voice Be Uncovered and Heard? Evidence From Hong Kong Stock Market
MAK Moon Kuen 2019 An Empirical Study on Dynamic Capability, Demand Creation Focus and Firm Performance in China Electronic Component Distribution Industry
MAK Sau Ying 2019 Career Success, Midlife Crisis and Wellbeing: Can Calling Help?
MOK Hon Yong 2019 Entrepreneurial Orientation and Technology Exploration of Smes in Singapore: Ambidextrous Strategy For Industrial 4.0
NG Ho Man 2020 Public-Private Partnership (PPP) of Environmental Services in China: The Case of Guangdong Waste Incineration
NG Yin Mei

Certificate of Excellence
2017 Smiley on Chest Meets Smiley on Face: Interactive Impacts on Customer Perceptions of Employee and Service Evaluations
PARK Joohong Robert 2019 Geographic and Segment Diversification of Investment Banks: Competitive Aspirations in a Global Landscape
SHEK Yi Keung Dicky 2017 Media Synchronicity, Collaboration, and Organizational Performance: An Empirical Study of Synchronous & Asynchronous CMS Media Use in MNCs
SIU Kin Sang Bernard 2019 Customer Satifaction - Its Association with CEO Pay Performance Sensitivity, Turnover Performance Sensitivity, CEO Pay Slice, A Firm's R&D Investment and Cash Holdings?
SIU Mei Kuen Kanie 2017 Ascending to the Top: What can Female Executives do to Earn Respect?
SHON Hyo Min Kelley 2018 An Exploratory Study of the Critical Success Factors of Haitao Shopping Providers in Korea Selling to China
SO Sochi Chi Cheung 2016 Customer Satisfaction and Earnings Quality
TAN Guan Hiang 2019 Does Religiosity Matter in Shaping Ethical and Unethical Behaviour?
TSANG Ling Him Michael 2020 Do Super Angel Investors have the Midas Touch? Evidence from China
TUNG Wai Kit Edward 2018 Empathy or Forgiveness? Why Some Subordinates Endure Abusive Supervision?
WANG Wenhua 2017 Top Executive Compensation and Firm Performance: A Comparative Analysis of SOEs and Non-SOEs in China
WONG Bun Tak Michael 2019 Does Reputation of Sponsors Matter in IPO? Evidence from Hong Kong
WONG Cheuk Hung Kenneth 2018 Social Media Adoption and Customer Relationship Performance: The Role of Social Capital Creation
WONG Kwok Keung, GBS SBS JP 2016 A Study of the Critical Success Factors of Quality Management in the Civil Construction Industry
WONG Man Hin Raymond 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Performance: Evidence From The Hong Kong Stock Exchange
WONG Man Yan Emily 2020 A Study of Mistrust - antecedents and consequences
WONG Owen 2017 Why have many US-Listed Chinese Firms Recently Announced to go Private
WONG Ping Yiu James 2017 Reputation and Multiple Submission: An Empirical Study of Solvers’ Strategic Choices in the Online Labour Market
WONG Siu Wah 2019 An Exploratory Study of the Critical Capabilities of Virtual Manufacturing and Their Organizational Performance Implications
WONG Tik Lun 2016 Goal Orientations, Decision Motives and Performance
WU Wai Yee 2019 The Impact of Humor on Others’ Helping Intention: The Shadow of Clown Personality
XU Weihua 2020 The Impact On China Stock Market From New Ipo Regulation Change In January 2016
YAM Yuen Man 2016 The Impact of Multiple Fundraising Goals on Charitable Donations
YAO Xi 2020 Does Shareholder Ownership Structure Matter? Institutional Ownership, Firm Operational Efficiency, And Its Innovativeness
YIP Heung Tung 2019 Earnings Smoothing In Banking Industry Through Advisory Fee Income – Do Depositors Matter?
YIU Kwok On Alex 2017 A Governing-by-Laissez-Faire Perspective
YU Chi Ping 2020 Chinese New Third Board Financing: Do Innovation And Intellectual Property Rights