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Fee for the entire PolyU DBA programme for 2019/20 intake: HK$851,700 (51 credits)

Fee for 8 taught subjects HK$400,800 (24 credits)
Fee for the DBA Thesis I and II HK$400,800 (24 credits)
Fee for 2 DBA Residentials HK$50,100 (1 credit for DBA Residential 1 and 2 credits for DBA Residential 2)


Payment Schedule
Initial Payment

Fees for 1 taught subject (HK$50,100) and DBA Residential 1 (HK$16,700) are payable upon acceptance of offer.

Interim Payments

Fees for the remaining taught subjects are payable on a credit basis (HK$16,700 per credit). Amount payable depends on the number of subjects taken in that semester.

Fees for the 8-credit DBA Thesis I (HK$133,600) and DBA Residential 2 (HK$33,400) are payable upon the registration for DBA Thesis I.

Final Payment Fee for the 16-credit DBA Thesis II (HK$267,200) is payable upon registration for DBA Thesis II.