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Programme Director's Message

Dr Yang Lei
Programme Director
MSc in China Business Studies
Associate Professor
School of Accounting and Finance

Welcome to the Master of Science Programme in China Business Studies.

Since its inception in 1996, The PolyU Master of Science in China Business Studies programme has been well received by local business professionals, particularly from the banking and finance, manufacturing and trading sectors, who have close business ties with the Chinese mainland. Building on the success of this programme over 17 years, we launched the one-year full time programme in 2013-14. With its distinctive "China Focus" and enhanced interdisciplinary curriculum, we are fostering a new path for you to leverage on the high growth opportunities that China offers and equipping you with knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today's complex, fast-paced business environment.

This one-year full time programme is unique in that it draws on the whole of the Faculty of Business, and on the Faculty of Humanities, in order to provide students with multi-disciplinary understanding of the breadth and depth of China’s business environment and practices. The foundational subjects cover the economic, legal, cultural, managerial and financial aspects of China. The elective subjects provide students with opportunities to explore the more specialized areas such as China's foreign trade and investment, political economy, taxation, human resource management, accounting, customs and rituals. The other important feature of this programme is its connection between knowledge and practice. This programme has a compulsory subject "China Immersion Experience" that involves a study tour or summer internship in the country. For international students we have compulsory Chinese language subjects.

Over the years we have accumulated hundreds of alumni who have become successful business professionals. This alumni network is an important asset that new intakes of our programme can leverage on.  In sum, if you are looking for a dedicated China programme offered by a renowned university in a world-class city, an in-depth understanding on China through multi-disciplinary subjects and local immersion experience, as well as an indispensable network in order to succeed in China, join us in the PolyU Master of Science in China Business Studies!