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Alumni Profile

CBS Alumni Profile
CBS helped me gain a new perspective on China business with systematic knowledge of law, economics, and management. It also broadened my vision as well as professional and practical skills. The programme is a worthwhile investment.

FANG Jiayi

(2018 Graduate)

I really enjoyed what CBS brought me and appreciated all the professors for their dedication. The programme covered different areas relating to business, like economics, accounting, taxation and investment. It gave emphasis to Chinese culture and environment, dealing with guanxi, political economy and other topics.

PAN Hongsa

(2018 Graduate)

The CBS experience is unique. It is definitely the programme for people who are looking for a practice-oriented master’s. There is a diversity of subjects, from law and economics, through Chinese society and culture, to films and everything that can be useful for a career in China. After this master’s, I look at the world in a different way.


(2018 Graduate)

Great academic atmosphere, professional teaching, practical insights, state-of-the-art practices, international platform, cross-cultural interaction and business world immersion - these were what the CBS programme offered me. Through the three unforgettable semesters, not only had I gained wisdom but also precious friendships. It was very helpful for horizons broadening, better self-evaluation and future career development.

ZHANG Hengjia

(2018 Graduate)

The wide diversity of courses offered, from history, cross-cultural management, to economics, accounting and finance as well as Mandarin Chinese, helped me understand better how to conduct business in China. The six-week internship in Shanghai gave me a deeper insight into the Chinese world.

SIEGMUND Judith Anne

(2017 Graduate)

This programme offered a wide range of courses covering law, economics, finance, trade, management, and human resources. We looked at the differences between China and other cultures that I, as a Chinese, had not realized. I gained far more than I expected from compulsory and elective courses and the study tour in the summer term. This one-year journey provided me with direction of career development and enabled me to make great friends.


(2017 Graduate)

CBS was the perfect starting-point for me to study a diverse range of relevant subjects, while choosing assignment topics of my own interest and being supported by open-minded professors. My Chinese classmates helped me to acquire the most valuable interpersonal and intercultural skills, resulting in long lasting friendships.

HENN Frederik Maria

(2016 Graduate)