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Student Profile

Student profile
It is my greatest honour to study Business Management at PolyU. This programme not only enhances my critical thinking and creative insights, but also helps me develop a global perspective as well as conversation skills. It enriches life and enables me to harvest knowledge, joy and friendship.
CHEN Yanzheng

(mainland China)

Pursuing the MSc BM degree at PolyU is a great decision - a decision I'd never regret! The programme complements my technical know-how with business know-how. It is perfect for a fresh graduate and a non-business graduate to learn the core essence of business management.


BM is a fulfilling experience and life at PolyU is colourful. I meet interesting people and gain more than just knowledge but opportunities and new perspectives on the commercial world as well. I highly recommend this programme to anyone who considers studying Business Management in Hong Kong.

(mainland China)