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Aims & Outcomes

Programme Aims

PolyU MSc in Business Management aims to help students acquire practical knowledge of management and seek practical solutions in a global and dynamic business environment. It enables students to make effective contribution to their organizations.


Learning Outcomes

On completion of the Programme, students will be able to develop their knowledge, skills and intellectual abilities as defined in the broad learning outcomes which are underpinned by specific learning objectives below:

  1. Application of Concepts

    Learning Objective: Apply conceptual frameworks to the resolution of business issues, including those concerning the scope and direction of the organization.

  2. Critical, Creative and Design Thinking

    Learning Objective: Demonstrate the ability to think critically and creatively within the domain of general management's responsibilities, and to apply methods associated with Design Thinking.

  3. Effective Communication

    Learning Objective: Present reasoned arguments effectively, both verbally and in writing.

  4. Self Knowledge and Reflection

    Learning Objective: Illustrate the ability and self-knowledge required to prepare themselves for new settings and reflect effectively on their performance in those settings.

  5. Global Outlook

    Learning Objective: Demonstrate a global outlook and an understanding of cultural diversity, as evidenced by an understanding of globalization, the dimensions along which cultures vary and the implications of both for business.

  6. Ethical Thinking

    Learning Objective: Identify and resolve ethical issues as they arise in the context of general management and corporate social responsibility.