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Outstanding Alumni Award of PolyU Faculty of Business 2022

The Outstanding PolyU Alumni Award aims to give public recognition to outstanding graduates of PolyU for their professional achievements and significant contributions to the community and their alma mater.

As the year 2022 marks the 85th Anniversary of PolyU, new features will be introduced to the Outstanding PolyU Alumni Award 2022 to recognise the diverse accomplishments and contributions of our distinguished alumni.


Nomination and Selection

The Award will be organised at three levels, i.e. Department level, Faculty/ School level and University level.

Department Award
The Outstanding Alumni Award of PolyU Department will be organised by departments. The calls for nomination have started in the third quarter of 2021. Details have been announced by respective departments.

Faculty Award
Recipients of Department Awards and graduates who have completed programmes offered at the Faculty level, such as the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctorate programmes, are eligible for the Outstanding Alumni Award of PolyU Faculty of Business. We are now calling for nomination for the Outstanding Alumni Award of Faculty of Business 2022. Please complete the Nomination Form and return it to together with all the required supplementary documents on or before 21 January 2022.

University Award
While Faculties and Schools will be invited to nominate recipients of their Faculty/ School awards for the Outstanding PolyU Alumni Award, the nomination is also open to all eligible graduates. Details will be announced in early 2022.



The nominated candidate must be a bona fide graduate who has successfully completed full-time or part-time programme offered by PolyU (or its forerunners: Hong Kong Government Trade School, Hong Kong Technical College, Hong Kong Polytechnic; and its constituent units: School of Professional Education & Executive Development and Hong Kong Community College) which led to academic award accredited by the respective Institution.

The proposer can be PolyU graduate, Honorary Graduate, University Fellow, PolyU staff, current PolyU Council and Court member and current Advisory Committee member.  There is no limit to the number of nominations to be submitted by each proposer.  However, the proposer cannot be the candidate himself/ herself.


Award Categories and Selection Criteria

There are four award categories, namely “Professional Achievement”, “Entrepreneurial Achievement”, “Scholarly Achievement” and “Community Service Achievement”.  Selection criteria for each category are listed below.

Selection is based on the nominee’s personal achievements in the field, contributions to the community, and support and contributions to PolyU.

Award Category Description
Professional Achievement This category recognises alumni who have attained distinguished achievements, demonstrated exemplary leadership and made a strong impact on their profession/ industry.
Entrepreneurial Achievement This category recognises alumni who have demonstrated outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship, founded and advanced business or technology ventures with social impact.
Scholarly Achievement This category recognises alumni scholars who have made notable scholarly or research contributions in their disciplines, with proven track record and excellent reputation in the field.
Community Service Achievement This category recognises alumni who have made impactful contributions to the communities, or demonstrated an extraordinary level of commitment, volunteerism and/or philanthropy for promoting the wellbeing of the communities.

Special recognition to young alumni awardees is added. Candidates aged under 40 by the end of the award year can be considered for the Outstanding PolyU Young Alumni award.


Panel of Judges

Panel of Judges, comprising both internal and external members, will be formed to examine the nominations and assess candidates’ qualifications and performance for the awards.



Ms Sharon Ku
Faculty of Business
Tel: 3400 3560

Notes: The bestowal of an award is subject to the individual merits of candidates. No award shall be given out in a certain category if no suitable candidate is identified.