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e-bulletin July 2017

RGC Funding for the Faculty is on the Rise

RGC Funding for the Faculty is on the Rise

The Faculty has secured HK$13.92 million of funding from the Research Grants Council (RGC) for the year 2017-18.

A total of 25 projects have succeeded in securing General Research Fund (GRF) totalling $10,306,030. Among them, 13 projects belong to the School of Accounting and Finance (AF), 10 belong to the Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies (LMS), and two to the Department of Management and Marketing (MM). Based on the total number of 65 applications, the success rate is 38%. The total amount of funding represents a rise of 35% from the previous year.

For the same year, a total of nine projects have secured $3,615,449 of funding under the Early Career Scheme (ECS). Of these, six are AF projects and three are LMS projects. Based on the total number of 27 applications, the success rate is 33%. Total funding registers a surge of 163% from the preceding year.


PolyU Management was Listed 11th by ShanghaiRanking

According to ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) 2017, PolyU Management occupies the 11th place in the world. Our Business Administration and Finance have both been ranked 51st to 75th.

Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2017 – Management

World rank Institution Country/Region PUB Total score
1 Harvard University US 79.1 300
2 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor US 78 292.7
3 University of Pennsylvania US 62 287.4
4 Pennsylvania State University - University Park US 79.8 284.1
5 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities US 69.2 278.3
11 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong 100 261.3
12 University of Toronto Canada 68.5 260.8
13 Georgia Institute of Technology US 79.3 259.8
14 INSEAD France 52.8 257.2
15 Michigan State University US 66.7 253.9

GRAS is a new ranking recently released by ShanghaiRanking Consultancy, the official publisher of Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) since 2009. It uses a refined methodology and has the number of subjects expanded to 52 to cover natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, medical sciences, and social sciences. The five indicators are authored papers, academic awards, top journals, international collaboration, and citation impact. To be included in a subject ranking, a university must have a minimum number of research publications during the period of 2011 to 2015. The publication threshold for each of the three subjects of Business Administration, Finance, and Management was set at 50 papers.

Faculty Won Asian Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain Award

Faculty Dean Professor
Edwin Cheng
Faculty Dean Professor Edwin Cheng

The Faculty, named Best Educational Course Provider, was the only academic institution honoured at the 2017 Asian Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain (AFLAS) Awards presentation held in Singapore on 29 June.

AFLAS Awards, hosted and organized annually by Asia Cargo News, recognize leading service providers including air and shipping lines, airports and seaports in addition to logistics and third-party logistics providers, as well as other associated industry professionals. Asia Cargo News provides intelligence for cargo, logistics and supply chain companies located in and doing business in Asia. The newspaper includes in-depth features, news and analysis for meeting the needs of industry decision-makers.


Miss Alice Lau Suet Ying Won CILTHK Kerry Logistics Scholarship

Alice Lau Suet Ying
Alice Lau Suet Ying

Miss Alice Lau Suet Ying was the only master's degree level recipient of CILTHK Kerry Logistics Scholarship for the year 2016-17.

CILTHK stands for The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong. This scholarship, offered by Kerry Logistics, supports full-time students pursuing CILTHK-accredited awards and committed to developing a career in logistics. Apart from academic achievement, candidates were assessed on their performance in a presentation themed "The Importance of Process Flow in Logistics Industry".

Alice graduated from the Faculty in 2015 with the BBA (Hons) degree in Global Supply Chain Management. During the final year of her undergraduate study, she was named The Most Outstanding PolyU Student. She is currently pursuing the Master of Science degree in International Shipping and Transport Logistics.


Miss Vincy Wong Hou Tung was Second Runner-up in HKSI Institute Scholarship Programme

Vincy Wong Hou Tung (second from left)
Vincy Wong Hou Tung (second from left)

Miss Vincy Wong Hou Tung, reading for the BBA (Hons) degree in Financial Services, was awarded the second runner-up prize in the 2017 scholarship programme hosted by the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI Institute).

HKSI Institute is a professional membership organization established with the support of the Securities and Futures Commission. This year's scholarship programme attracted participants from nine tertiary institutions in Hong Kong.


AF Academics Won Best Paper Awards at Asian Finance Association Conference

The 29th Asian Finance Association Conference was held on 6 to 8 July 2017 in Seoul, Korea. Three articles with members of the School of Accounting and Finance (AF) as co-authors were selected as best papers.

Paper PolyU
Traveling Blockholder Governance: Evidence from Voluntary Adoption of Clawback Provision C.S. Agnes Cheng,
Gang Hu,
Jing Xie
Asian Finance Association Best Paper
Speed and Trading Behavior in an Order-Driven Market: An Analysis on a High Quality Dataset Seongkyu Gilbert Park Pacific-Basin Finance Journal Best Paper
The Value of Financial Advisors in Private Acquisitions: New Evidence from Chinese M&As K. C. John Wei

Seven Faculty Members Gained Promotion

Congratulations to the following academic staff members in the School of Accounting and Finance (AF) and the Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies (LMS) on their promotions, effective 1 July 2017.

Faculty member New title Department
Dr Chen Yangyang Associate Professor AF
Dr Shiu Alice Associate Professor AF
Dr Tian Feng Associate Professor AF
Dr Guo Pengfei Professor LMS
Dr Jiang Li Professor LMS
Dr Lai Kee Hung Mike Professor LMS
Dr Ng Chi To Daniel Professor LMS


Professor K. C. John Wei
Professor K. C. John Wei

Dr Wing Lam
Department of Management and Marketing

Dr Wing Lam, of the Department of Management and Marketing, has a co-authored paper accepted for publication by the Academy of Management Journal. The paper is entitled "Does Proactive Personality Matter in Leadership Transitions? Effects of Proactive Personality on New Leader Identification and Responses to New Leaders and Their Change Agendas". Her co-authors are Professor Cynthia Lee of Northeastern University, Professor M. Susan Taylor of the University of Maryland, and Dr Helen H. Zhao of The University of Hong Kong.

Despite the growing frequency of leadership transitions and their significant impact on team and organizational performance, little research has examined why and how teams develop an identification with a new leader or their subsequent receptiveness to the new leader's change initiatives. Drawing from the contrast and congruence effects and the theoretical perspectives of leader identification, this study empirically tests a model in which the congruence of new leaders' and their teams' proactive personalities foster new leader identification, as well as the team's behavioral responses to the new leader's change agenda. This effect is strongest when the new leader's proactive personality is higher than that of the former leader's proactive personality (positive contrast). The findings of a four-wave "before-and-after" transition survey of 155 hotel employees and 51 new leaders, achieved through polynomial regression analyses, proved very insightful. Essentially, the authors found that the congruence between a new leader's and his/her team's proactive personalities and the positive contrast between a former leader's and the new leader's proactive personalities enhanced new leader identification and the team's shared identification with the new leader's change agenda, and, thereby led the team to exhibit more behavioral engagement with, and voice behavior about, the new leader's change agenda.